Open positions

Logset Oy is a Finnish forest machine manufacturer based in Koivulahti, Mustasaari. Logset provides top of the line products for our partners globally. At Logset we maintain our team spirit and care about our personnel.  We enhance innovativeness and develop our personnel as a team and as individuals.

We’re now strengthening our Research and Development team and by looking for following professionals:


Mechanical Designer

As a mechanical designer at Logset you will have a broad work field with focus on welded sheet metal structures and optimization of these.  Our machines framework is exposed to large dynamic forces thus our designers needs to have a good eye for optimizing the structures. Our mechanical designers work in close collaboration with our suppliers. Good knowledge in welding technique and robotized welding is seen as a benefit.

For further information, call Andreas Eurs +358 10 2863261


Senior Hydraulic Engineer

As a senior hydraulic engineer at Logset you work mainly with maintaining and developing the hydraulic system layout and component optimization.  The hydraulic system in a modern forest machine is crucial in several aspects. The hydraulics convert the energy provided by the diesel engine and the hybrid system to beneficial work. Also, it’s a key element how comfortable the operator´s workday is. These aspects together with many others require that our hydraulic engineers have a deep understanding in mobile hydraulics and willingness to collaborate with key suppliers on daily bases.

For further information, call Jonas Hedström +358 10 2863243


Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer at Logset you, together with your colleagues, you will work mainly with maintaining, developing, optimizing and documenting the electrical circuits and components.  The electrical systems in a modern forest machine are rapidly developing. As an electrical engineer you should through your futuristic mindset find it rewarding to closely collaborate with our component suppliers and partners. As a person you should have a systematic way of working, be thorough and have an attention to details. To succeed in your tasks Logset offers you an inspiring work environment, experienced colleagues and modern tools.

For further information, call Jonas Hedström +358 10 2863243


Engineer, Information Technology

As an engineer of Information Technology at Logset you work in a dynamic, constantly developing environment. Our own control system and timber measuring device are controlling all machine functions and is considered as one of our core know-how’s. The measuring device is bucking the timber according to forest companies’ requirements, thus our development engineers constantly follow the industry’s requirements and keep our system up to date.  A knowledge and previous experience of working with the StanForD Classic and StanForD 2010 standards is beneficial, as is experience and interest in heavy machinery control systems, including the CAN bus.

For further information, call Mikael Jakas +358 10 2863263


Technical Illustrator

As a technical illustrator at Logset you work mainly with creating visual material and data for spare part documentation and user manuals. Logset spare part sales is a significant part of our turnover and this requires that our documentation is correct and easily available. Logset has a wide range of products. To be able to provide correct documentation to our customers our technical illustrators use modern tools and have adopted a lean way of working.

For further information, call Sami Hakala +358 10 2863277


The persons we’re looking for should have a positive mindset, be self-going and possess good social skills. Previous experience from similar tasks as described above is considered as a large benefit. You should find it inspiring to work with technical tasks, both individually and in groups. Working as a white-collar employee in Logset R&D we require a technical education with either bachelors, masters or similar degree.

To apply, please send your application, CV and salary expectations to siv.saarikko@logset.fi by January 29th, 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!