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Logset’s strategy is to build up a reliable distribution network around the world. Today the network covers 21 countries and Logset machines are working in more than 25 countries. Together with our dealers we’ve agreed on five core values:

  • Team work: We trust and respect each other. We are dedicated to creating an inspiring working and business environment.
  • Quality: We fulfil our customer’s expectations. We will always improve our operation to exceed these expectations.
  • Right Strategy: We create opportunities together with our customers for the future.
  • Quick open communication: We always keep the stakeholders informed with the latest and relevant information to support fast decision making.
  • Profitability: We are business minded and we aim to create profitability for our customers and ourselves.

The company is a strong and reliable partner for dealers and forest machine operators, as it offers effective and user-friendly products with rapid spare parts service, extensive technical support and thorough training.

All Logset dealers have access to the Logset Online system. Through Logset Online, the dealers can for example, order spare parts, see machine cards and manuals, or contact Logset. The dealers can log in to Logset Online through the link provided  in the footer section on the Logset website.

With the Logset team you and your forest machine are in good hands!


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At the moment we have no dealers in this part of the world. Please contact Logset through info(at)logset.com for further information.
Zurzeit haben wir keine Händler in diesem Teil der Welt. Bitte kontaktieren Sie Logset unter info(at)logset.com, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.
В настоящий момент у нас нет дилеров в этом регионе. За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь в компанию Logset по адресу info(at)logset.com
À l'heure actuelle, nous n'avons aucun revendeur dans cette partie du monde. Veuillez contacter Logset via info(at)logset.com ou pour obtenir davantage d'informations.
No momento não temos dealers nesta parte do mundo. Entre em contato com logset através de info@logset.com para mais informações.
Por el momento no tenemos distribuidores en esta parte del mundo. Por favor, contacte con Logset través de info@logset.com para más información.